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Yes you can use the application FREE for 1 month. You will get 10GB of free storage.

Yes you can change your plan at any point of time. If you upgrade it you will need to pay the difference. If you downgrade it the remaining amount will be settled as additional months of subscription

You can cancel the subscription at any point of time. The auto renewal will stop when you current plan validity ends.

We have monthly and yearly subscription. Yearly subscription will have around 15% discount. Subscription will be automatically renewed at the end of the tenure.

You can mail us at [email protected] or Call directly at +91-9175794828

Just login to your foto owl account (you can start free). Create new event and upload photos into it. Then you need to publish the event to generate unique URL which you can share with your clients

You can control the quality of photo you clients see and download. To make the photos load fast on mobile we optimise the photos but clients have option to view images in full resolution. They will always get the resolution you set when they download photos

Yes, you can turn OFF and ON the download options for the client gallery.

Clients can get their photos by using face recognition technology. Attendees need to upload their selfie and they will get their photos instantly.

Our algorithm is 99.5% Accurate and can accurately detect faces even with props like shades, cap, specs etc

Storage depends on your plan. We have 3 plans were you get 500GB, 1TB or 5TB storage, depending upon your plan. You can upgrade you plan anytime and get more storage.

No there is not limit on face search. You can have unlimited face search in all paid plans.

Your data is 100% Secure and Private and it will be never shared or sold to anyone

No, the events are not visible in the internet. The event URLs are PIN protected and can be accessed only if someone has the link. You can also change the PIN at any point of time.

No, we dont have any third party ads on our website and galleries.
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