Face Recognition Photo Sharing

Share photos with thousands of attendees using Face Recognition. Reduce the hassle of sharing photos and focus on what you do the best!
AI Face Recognition GalleriesAI Face Recognition Galleries
 Hassle Free Photo Sharing Hassle Free Photo Sharing
Privately share photos Privately share photos
Share Photo via QR CodeShare Photo via QR Code
Use Case

Where to

Face Recognition photo Sharing for event photography. All the guest will get their photos privately using face recognition
  • Click more candid photos and increase engagement with guests
  • Every one will get their own photos and your brand reach will sky rocket
Face Recognition Photo Sharing
Share photos with all the guests with just a single selfie.
One Link for everyone
No need to share separate links with everyone. Share one link with and everyone will get their photos
Reduce Time and Improve Workflow
No disturbance to sort individual photos. Let AI do sharing, you focus on photography
100% Privacy
No need to create access for individuals, Everyone will get only their own photos. No unnecessary photo sharing


Face Recognition Gallery

99.8% Accuracy

  • Will find you out event if you are wearing shades or any other accessories
  • Best in the industry Face Recognition Accuracy

One Link for All

  • Share event photos privately with evenyone, even thousands or guests
  • Privacy in your hand, Guest will get only their own photos or All the photo

Your Photos will Reach Everyone

  • Click lot more candid photos, because with Face Recognition Share, everyone will surely get their photos
  • Your photos are your free branding, increase your reach and your brand value

Our Product

Foto Owl is the best photo selection tool for photographers. We are revolutionary product in space of media asset management for creators, photographers and event organisers.
With Smart Photo selection, we aim to reduce the efforts and increase productivity of professional photographers
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